Bosman Adama

Bosman Adama

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Bosman Adama wine grapes
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Bosman Adama table grapes
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Bosman Adama raisin grapes
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At Bosman Adama we do believe that a successful grapevine depends on sourcing the best plant material available. Annually we graft more than eight million grapevines, making Bosman Adama the largest vine nursery in Africa.

We graft & nurse all Vitis species:

  • Wine grapes
  • Table grapes
  • Raisin grapes

All possible combinations of grapevines are grafted at Bosman Adama.

We develop a growing number of cultivars and clonal selections every year, resulting in a large variety of options for our customers choose from. Bosman Adama is also in possession of licenses to graft newly developed cultivars.

Currently, more than 350 different combinations are grafted during each season. Customers choose the rootstocks suitable for their soil types and growing needs.


To ensure the availability of the grafting combinations required by customers, stock must be ordered as early as May of the previous year. When a higher than normal graft result is achieved, grapevines are occasionally available without the need to place an order.

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