Part of the Bosman family’s philosophy for growing and nurturing superior-quality plant material in our successful vine nursery, Bosman Adama, and making premium wine in our exclusive 250-year-old cellar at Bosman Adama in Wellington, is our belief that good vines are grown and wine made through respect for the delicate relationship between humans and nature.

With a holistic approach to our farming, we believe that a healthy environment with healthy soil leads to healthy vines and a healthy vineyard. In the same way, an emotionally, physically and mentally healthy individual will have a good work ethic.

For decades we have farmed according to sustainable farming methods and the holistic upliftment of the families who work for us on the farm. When you ask people in Wellington about the Bosman family, the very first words you hear are:

“They really take very good care of the people who work for them.”

To find out more about Bosman Farming’s initiatives, in which we are actively engaged in building respect and fostering sustainable relationships between people and nature, click on the link below.

Fair Trade

Bosman Adama Fairtrade

Bosman Family Vineyards received Fairtrade certification in the first quarter of 2009. Fairtrade certification means that our vineyard is being farmed and managed in a way that complies with a clear set of minimum and progressive standards. This ensures that the conditions in which our wine grapes are produced and traded are socially and economically fair and environmentally responsible.

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