Bosman Adama

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At Bosman Adama we believe that a successful vine depends on the best plant material available. Every year we graft more than eight million vines – and that makes Bosman Adama the biggest vine nursery in Africa.

We grow all Vitis species:

  • Wine grapes
  • Table grapes
  • Raisin grapes

At Bosman Adama we graft all possible combinations of vines.

More cultivars and clones are developed every year. The result is a large range of stocks from which clients can choose. Bosman Adama is licensed to graft newly developed cultivars.

Currently more than 350 different combinations are grafted every season. Clients choose the rootstocks that best suit their soil types and growing requirements.

In order to ensure that the vine combinations required by clients are available, stocks have to be ordered in May of the preceding year. Because there has been a higher than normal grafting result, there are vines available even if you have not placed an order.

Interesting Facts

Ongoing care and pruning of the
vines ensures the highest quality
and standards.

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